[ECOS] [SMP]serious bug in synchronisation primitives

sandeep shimple0@yahoo.com
Mon Nov 29 16:15:00 GMT 2004

btw, looking at the end of compat-posix-tm_basic test, in function main, there
is code like

// Sanity
  ntest_threads = max(512, ntest_threads);
  ntest_threads = max(64, ntest_threads);

that means, in either of then/else case, previous assignments like
 "ntest_threads = NTEST_THREADS;"
that set ntest_threads to user desired value (via NTEST_THREAD macro) become
effectless. rather giving any value to that macro becomes meaningless.

same is true for some other variables (and associated macros) there.

is this also some leftover of earlier debugging efforts?


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