[ECOS] ec555 memory map, bootcode

Bob Koninckx bob.koninckx@o-3s.com
Mon Nov 29 05:12:00 GMT 2004

We use a timebase interrupt for doing that.


On Fri, 2004-11-26 at 13:32, Meulendijks, J. wrote:
> Because I'm implementing eCos in a product that already has its own bootcode.
> And _all_ interrupt processing is already taken care off.
> By the way I got eCos running now. I modified the memory map and memory
> controller setup. And modified a couple of register values and now its working
> :-)
> But now I look at the system clock which is running on 10ms (100 Hz), but I want
> to have a clock that runs on 1ms (1000 Hz) Can this be done (on the mpc555)
> _without_ disrupting the system clock. I already read on the discussion list
> that a couple of parts of eCos depend on the 10ms clock.
> Thanks in advance.
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> I am pretty sure that what you want to do will involve a _lot_
> of rework and testing. Since you wont be using redboot, your
> app will have to take care  of _all_ interrupt processing.
> (that's why Gary suggested to use the option to copy vectors).
> But then you need write access to memory at 0x100, 0x200 etc
> ... Unfortunately, I mapped the internal flash there. First
> thing to do would be modifications to the memory map and
> memory controller setup.
> Just curious, why don't you use redboot?
> Bob

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