[ECOS] EXEEXT settable in generated buildtree, via CDL ??

sandeep shimple0@yahoo.com
Fri Nov 26 08:34:00 GMT 2004

to set the extension of test images, one can edit
toplevel makefile of buildtree and set EXEEXT to
desired extension.

many months back, i had made a minor addition in
> export EXEEXT := $(EXEEXT)

could this be a trivial patch, if useful??

using which i could avoid the need to edit generated
makefile. i just needed to 
- either "export EXEEXT=.xyz" in execution environment
- or "EXEEXT=.xyz make tests"

then i had searched in documents/internet to find a
CDL way for this, but couldn't locate. also i had
tried some calculated guesses on cdl names for this
but no success.

the advisor/PM for ecos team in my workplace finds
even setting 'export EXEEXT=.xyz' in his .bash_profile
as quite user-unfriendly. so he wanted a default. to
satisfy that i made a modification

ifneq ($(EXEEXT),)
export EXEEXT := $(EXEEXT)
# default extension for the xxx user
export EXEEXT := .xyz

this way, he can work (once in a while) with his
defaults and regular ecos developer can work with
xyz/arm/synth etc.. etc..

PM/Advisor wants to have EXEEXT to come automatically
into buildtree makefiles via some CDL options. Has any
other developer met this kind of requirements and
found a solution?

Does CDL provide a way for this?

I checked out ecos docs (sections related to build
tree generation and building process) yesterday again.
may be i missed something.

help please, so that things can be made a
user-friendly, and i can close a bug at workplace.

My hunch feeling is, if via some CDL thing, EXEEXT
comes into build tree makefiles, then like REPOSITORY
and other make variables, it will be ending up in all
the makefiles in buildtree.

export REPOSITORY := /cygdrive/D/current/ecos/packages

and if user wants to build the tests with different
extension, in same build tree, user will either have
to edit all these makefiles or faster might be to
generate a fresh build tree (that would also mean
compiling the ecos libraries).


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