[ECOS] Installing GoAhead Webserver

leslie egeus@rocketmail.com
Fri Nov 26 03:42:00 GMT 2004


I have posted on the GoAhead newsgroup, but I thought maybe there'll
more ppl on this list who could help. 

I understand the build flow for the GoAhead websever is as follows, pls
correct me if I am wrong:

1. Build the GoAhead Webserver in /ECOS (this I have done)
2. Build main.exe from the main.c found in /ECOS, including the
libwebs.a, libtarget.a, webrom.o, and using arm-elf-gcc and arm-elf-ld
3. Convert to binary main.srec using arm-elf-objcopy

1.I was told I need to edit the main.c (to start the thread or
something), so do I make the Webserver in step 1 again, and anyone has
main.c which I can use for reference?

2.A main.o is produced in the step 1. Can I use that for step 2, I
tried that and it compiled and linked nicely, giving me the main.map
and a main binary file. And also converted that main binary file to
main.srec. But there's no main.exe (is that the main binary file I
got?). I think doing it this way might be wrong cuz it doesnt make a
new main.o....

3.I also tried copying all the header files to my ecos_install_dir for
step 2 but I got several lines of errors and some missing header files.
Is this the problem with the main.c given in /ECOS

Thank you in advance for your responses! Really need your help.

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