[ECOS] Measuring times

Abhi abhi@4961ocean.org
Wed Nov 24 22:03:00 GMT 2004

    eCos version: 2.0 + from the CVS
    Host: Linux Redhat 9 2.4.x kernel
    Target: iPAQ
    Redboot: yes (installed & working)
    Sample tests: some simple tests work

    I would like to performance benchmark some of the code that I have 
written. Are there any helper functions in the sources/tests/examples which 
do this. (like a Stats kind of class, which maintains all the values in an 
array and then prints out mean/max/min etc...)

    More fundamentally, what functions should I use to measure the elapsed 
time between 2 points. Should I use:

cyg_handle_t cyg_real_time_clock(void);
cyg_tick_count_t cyg_current_time(void)
something else which has better resolution on iPAQ?

Also how do I convert these to seconds/micro-seconds on iPAQ? (i.e get the 
wall clock)

- Abhi


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