[ECOS] Interupt vector 19

Wolfram Kattanek wolfram.kattanek@imms.de
Wed Nov 24 16:05:00 GMT 2004

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 11:41:41 +0200, Wayne Gemmell <wayneg@ananzi.co.za> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm getting spurious interrupts on vector 19. Could somebody please tell me
> which interrupt this is related to an how you know this so I can find out for
> myself in future. I get this sometimes when I restart a program in
> v850-elf-gdb without resetting the unit.
> I am using Falcom F35-XXL-SI-G8-1.

You can have a look in $ECOS_REPOSITORY/hal/v85x/v850/current/include/var_intr.h
where you'll find all the interrupt vectors from the V850. Vector 19 is timer
interrupt CYGNUM_HAL_VECTOR_INTTM10 which in fact is the timer used for the eCos
real time clock. The timer will continue to generate interrupts until you stop it
or reset your target. The best way to achieve the latter is to use the "disconnect"
command from gdb which sends a special gdb reset command to the target.
To summarize: your observed behaviour of your program, gdb and target seems to be
quite normal.

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