[ECOS] SDRAM setting change on IXP425

Victo Lai victorlai@aaeon.com.tw
Tue Nov 23 07:21:00 GMT 2004

Dear all,
I post the following question few days ago. I was wondering if anyone has
idea on this.

I tried the following in the past few days:
1. Different settings in
/packages/hal/arm/xscale/ixdp425/current/include/ixdp425.h and
2. Use Redboot1.92
3. Compare downloaded Kernel image with 32M and 64M system.

My question would be:
1. What's so different from 4*8M*16 to 2*8M*16 setting to have such error?
2. What should I look for on this "invalid compressed format (err=2)"
message? This message is printed by Kernel code during decompressing.

My previous email:
I am using redboot 1.94 on our ixp425 system. We first use 64M of memory
(4*8M*16), 4 chips on both Bank 0 and Bank1. Everything works great. Now
we'd like to reduce ths memory size from 64M to 32M(2*8M*16). I've changed
the /packages/hal/arm/xscale/ixdp425/current/include/ixdp425.h

#define SDRAM_SIZE                  0x02000000
#define SDRAM_UNCACHED_BASE                0x02000000

Now during the next boot, redboot seems to be ok. But when I load a kernel
image (zImage) and boot to it, I've got the following error message when I
burn the ROM image to the flash with this setting:

Using base address 0x00100000 and length 0x000fed4c
Uncompressing Linux....

invalid compressed format (err=2)

 -- System halted



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