[ECOS] RedBoot file download expect script

Doyle, Patrick WPD@dtccom.com
Mon Nov 22 15:57:00 GMT 2004

Does anybody have an "expect" script that they would care to share that can
be used to download an image to RedBoot and scribble it into flash?

It's driving me crazy knowing that I have the right tool for the job
(expect), but no idea how to convince it to connect to the serial port, send
the "load -m y" command, connect the serial port to an instance of the "sz"
program, wait for the download to complete, reconnect to the serial port,
and send the appropriate "fis unlock ...; fis create ..." commands.  It will
be a couple of days before I get the book, so, in the mean time, I figured
it couldn't hurt to ask folks who've probably already solved this problem
100's of times.



Patrick Doyle
DSP Design Engineer
(603) 546-2179


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