[ECOS] at91 rtc driver and & win32 jtag loader

Mike Jastrebtsoff mike@eltronix.ru
Fri Nov 19 11:38:00 GMT 2004

Hello, Andrew.

Yes, of course. I would to merge it in cvs.

QDBM is a nice small & robust DB engine,  may be anybody wants to use it in
his projects.(Optimal pair is jffs2 & qdbm), I thought that LGPL is
not restriction in that case(without merging in ecos main CVS)


AL> On Fri, Nov 19, 2004 at 04:11:28PM +0600, Mike Jastrebtsoff wrote:
>> Hello, All.
>> I've got some sources for the community:
>> - RTC driver for AT91M55800A.

AL> Would you be willing to sign a copyright assignment for this so it can
AL> be merged into the anoncvs repository?

AL> Please see http://ecos.sourceware.org/assign.html.
>> - port of QDBM library(nice DB engine by Mikio Hirabayashi specially
>>   optimized for small amount of ram&rom)

AL> This uses the LGPL license which is not compatible with the way we
AL> work with eCos, so unfortunetly we cannot merge this in.

AL>         Thanks
AL>                 Andrew

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