[ECOS] Two timer in FIQ mode

Sicheri Marco m.sicheri@ctsgroup.it
Fri Nov 19 11:03:00 GMT 2004

I all,
I Have the Samsung s3c44b0x.
I'd like use two timer in interrupt mode.
So that i use the TIMER2 and the TIMER3 (use the cyg_interrupt_create()).

First step: run only the timer2 in fiq mode every 1ms. It works ok
Second step: run only the timer3 in fiq mode every 2ms. It works ok
Now: run timer2 in FIQ mode and the timer3 in IRQ mode. They work ok.
But: if i run timer2 in FIQ mode and the timer3 in FIQ mode, they don't
work, and the system is lock.
Can you help me?

Ossequi,  (Best Regards/Obrigado)
CTS electronics  - R&D Department
phone: +39 0125 235637, +39 0125 235630
e-mail: m.sicheri@ctsgroup.it

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