AW: [ECOS] problem with synth. target: error 38

Neundorf, Alexander
Fri Nov 19 09:34:00 GMT 2004

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Well, I did, at least I tried.
> linux-2.6.9/arch/i386/kernel/sys_i386.c: sys_ipc()
> The default case for the switch returns -ENOSYS so first check you are
> passing the correct call parameter. However, what i suspect your real
> problem is, is that the syscall does not take one parameter as you
> have coded, but actually 6. 
>         Andrew

Well, glibc uses extern int __syscall_ipc(), but I didn't find the implementation of __syscall_ipc in the glibc sources, neither in my linux 2.4.22 sources, google also didn't help.
Here's the link:

Maybe I used the IPCOP definitions from a wrong file...


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