[ECOS] support for S3C2410X

David dSilva dvd_dsilva@yahoo.com
Fri Nov 19 08:31:00 GMT 2004

Hope someone can fill me in on a few specifics here as
I'm pretty new to eCos. Basically I need a port of the
eCos ,or rather the HAL layer (i think :-) for my
bootloader for the samsung S3C2410 (or perhaps the
SMDK2410 board). This earlier used a port of eCos for
an ARM 7 chip. 
>From what i can see the current stable release does
not support this. However the develeopment snapshot
(as of 10th nov) seems to this support. However
considering i'm pretty new to eCos i'm unsure as to
how much this support is stable or perhaps working.
Could anyone fill me in on the above? Basically at
this stage i'm just looking for support for serial
ports, LCD display  and flash. From what i understand
of the bootloader it calls the HAL layer functions.


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