[ECOS] Newbie: Synthetic target problems???

Lee Davies ldavies@comtech.uk.com
Thu Nov 18 12:16:00 GMT 2004

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if someone can help with a Linux synthetic target problem?

Using the latest files from CVS, I managed to successfully build all the 
tests of the synthetic target. However when I try to run the tests from 
the configuration tool, I get the following messages:

Run started
[111700 Th 11:06:17] Failed to get a pty
[111700 Th 11:06:17] Failed to create process for 686i-pc-linux-gnu-size
[60e7bb0 Th 11:06:20] Failed to get a pty
[60e7bb0 Th 11:06:20] Failed to create process for 686i-pc-linux-gnu-gdb 
-nw -q
Run complete

Any ides???



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