[ECOS] Generic DMA memory mapping

David Brennan eCos@brennanhome.com
Tue Nov 16 09:10:00 GMT 2004

I was wondering if there was any reason to not generalize the DMA memory 
mapping function from the (at least) Intel Ethernet drivers so that the 
memory could be used cooperatively among multiple devices.
I am currently porting a Tundra Universe driver to eCos. Although our 
application does not need any of the DMA features, I wanted to include 
them in the port for completeness. Since I cannot re-use the memory 
allocated for the Ethernet devices, and I assume that the way the memory 
is declared/mapped is important, I figured that I would end-up copying 
that code, and need to allocate another CYGMEM_SECTION_pci_window, which 
gets into some sticky naming things.
The other reason I was asking is there is a possibility of going to a 
board which has two different Ethernet chips (82544 and 82559). I am 
pretty certain that with the current system, I could not instantiate 
each of those.

Both of these issues are low priority to me at the current time, so I'm 
not going to be jumping on them anytime soon. But I wanted to know what 
the feeling was for such a thing.

David Brennan

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