[ECOS] Do eCos support the coldfire processors, please!

Da Wang dwang03 dwang03@student.sdu.dk
Sun Nov 14 19:14:00 GMT 2004

I will use coldfire 5206e board soon.
But now I have a questions, whether I should chooce eCos as the kernel.
Because the flash memory on board only have 512kb. 
If it is neccensary I will ask my boss try to add 512kb more flash on the board.
But I don't know how large the image will be, if I use eCos.
One guy told me that's hard to estimate because it depends on many thing like application programme and eCos configuration. As his opinion, I should write a sample code and try to compile it.
Unfortunately, I must make a decision for the memory first, and then I can use the board.
So  please tell me what's the volume of image when you use eCos from your experience. 
Tell me the range is enough!
Thank you!

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