[ECOS] I am so BAUD of this! (PXA26x HWUART)

David Osborne davido@hydrix.com
Thu Nov 11 22:48:00 GMT 2004

Hi Gentle Folk,

Our HWUART on the PXA26x processor is being configured by eCos at
startup to be 115200 bps.

After about 60 seconds our software needs to select a different baud
rate (usually 9600 bps).  We effectively use the same function as eCos 
serial_config_port(...) via the API to change the baud rate. The problem
is that 50% of the time the baud rate doesn't change, but remains at
115200 bps. The DLL & DLH registers reflect our new baud rate settings,
but physically it still transmits at the original baud rate.

I believe our use of the DLL, DLH, and ABR:ABUP registers are correct,
and like I said, it works half the time. Could it be the HWUART can only
be configured immediately after power up?  Can the HWUART be reset (not
just the enable/disable register) by software?  So many questions, so
few answers.  

If anyone could help end this misery, and release me from this
bottomless hole, it would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards

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