[ECOS] Duplicate ARP table entries

Jeff Duncan Jeffd@Magtek.com
Tue Nov 9 17:07:00 GMT 2004

I'm looking for some insight into a problems I am seeing.  Using the
latest eCos with FreeBSD stack on an Arm9 connecting directly to a PC, I
sometimes get into a situation where communication (such as ping) fails.
Looking into it further I have found that there seem to be duplicate
entries in the Arp table.  The ethernet output resolves to one entry
that has expired triggering an Arp send.  When the Arp response is
received, a different Arp table entry is updated with the new Arp
timeout.  So what I end up with is a ping request from the host, a
response being generated from ICMP, and a new Arp request coming out of
the device.

Sometimes I can fix the problem by clearing the route table and
initializing the connection again.

Any ideas?


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