[ECOS] Re: eCos for AT91EB01?

Martin msie02@kom.auc.dk
Wed Mar 31 14:14:00 GMT 2004

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"Martin" <msie02@kom.auc.dk> writes:

>> This has been shorted all the time. I would like to keep Angel in
>> the lower part of the flash, therefore I am trying to write to the
>> upper half of the flash.

> I believe that SW1 also has to be in the lower position, otherwise a
> valid programming sequence cannot be performed.

Hmm, SW1 has also been in the lower position. I will try to describe the
procedure I have followed. If you have done anything different, I would like
you to respond.

(1):  Checked out the recent cvs version
(2):  From the configtool, opened the EB40 template, with RedBoot as package
(3):  Imported the RAM configuration for EB40
(4):  Build the library, and renamed "redboot.elf" to "redboot-ram.elf"
(5):  Imported the ROM configuration for EB40
(6):  Build the library, and renamed "redboot.elf" to "redboot-rom.elf"
(7):  Connect and power up the board, with the bootswitch in "lower mem"
(8):  Started GDB with RAM image as parameter: "arm-elf-gdb redboot-ram-elf"
(9):  Connect to the board from GDB: "target rdi s=/dev/ttyS0"
(10): Set the status word on the target to SVC: "set $cpsr=0xD3"
(11): Upload the RAM image: "load"
(12): Start RedBoot: "cont"
(13): Suspend GDB: "CTRL+z" 
(14): Connect to the board with minicom configured 38400 (8N1)
(15): Define the upload protocol for the ROM image: "load -m ymodem -b
(16): Upload with minicom
(17): Write the image to the ROM: "fi wr -f 0x1010000 -b %{FREEMEMLO} -l

which returns a verification error. 



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