[ECOS] Int Vectors and Build Problem

Leo McManus leomcmanusir@yahoo.com
Mon Mar 29 14:07:00 GMT 2004

You ijeet, McManus,

0xe59ff018 disassembles to ldr pc,[pc, #24]




>>Leo McManus <leomcmanusir@yahoo.com> writes:

>> ARM720T on ARM Integrator board.
>> After building my eCos executable, I can see in my Srecord and with my GDB,
>> that the int vectors, which are loaded at download time to address 0x40000
>> later copied to address 0x0, point to address 0xE59FF018, which holds no
>> memory. This is worked out at compilation time.
>Those are not interrupt routine addresses, they are instructions. The
>CPU executes the instruction at the vector location when an exception
>occurs. In eCos the instructions we use just pick up an address from
>[PC+32] and jump to it. So the interrupt vector addresses are in the
>32 bytes following the hardware vectors.
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