AW: [ECOS] eCos article: Italian "Linux Magazine"

David N. Welton
Mon Mar 29 14:01:00 GMT 2004

"Neundorf, Alexander" <> writes:

> > Don't know if you guys are interested in hearing about ecos
> > publicity, but the Italian version of Linux Magazine published an
> > article of mine about eCos in the April issue (# 40).  Since it's
> > a pretty broad audience, it's an introduction to embedded systems,
> > a little bit about how eCos fits into that picture, and then a
> > sample application ("Scivoli") which is also available from my web
> > site.

> Is it available online ?

Nope, it is of course in Italian, too.  I'm not sure if at some point
in the future they put old articles on line.

Hopefully I'll be able to sell a translated version of the article to
an english-language magazine at some point in the future:-)

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