[ECOS] JFFS2 broken

eibach@gdsys.de eibach@gdsys.de
Fri Mar 26 09:58:00 GMT 2004


I am clueless about a problem in JFFS2.
When I set the cursor to a point in a file (using e.g. fseek) and perform a write there, the file seems to be truncated to that size. But that happens only after the file is written to flash, not when I am reading from the cache.

Here is a little code to reproduce that:

	if (( fp = fopen(FILEN, "w")) == NULL) {
	else  {
		char c = 0;
		for (int k=0; k < 4096; ++k)
			fwrite(&c, 1, 1, fp);
		stat = fseek(fp, 512, SEEK_SET);
		fputs("End\n", fp);

After a reboot you can see, that the file size is only 522 bytes and not 4096 as it should be. When I use RAMFS instead it works fine.

Something is very badly wrong with fseek and JFFS2. Does noone beside me use that function?
Any hints are appreciated.


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