[ECOS] Redboot: boot from IDE

mike rosenlof rosenlof@aztek-eng.com
Thu Mar 25 20:01:00 GMT 2004

Trying configure Redboot to load ecos and app from a Compact Flash card 
configured as IDE.

I've ported the moab_ide.c file to our configuration, and it recognizes 
the card and partition table so that the 'disks' command does list a 
Linux filesystem (initialzed as ext2) on hda1.

Brought in the fileio package

Looking at do_load(),  it wants a filesystem mounted, so when I try to 
mount the Linux partition, I find there are no entries in the fstab 
(cyg_fstab, defined in packages/fileio/.../misc.cxx)  Am I missing how 
the e2fs implementation (from redboot/..../src/fs/e2fs.c  gets hooked 
into the cyg_fstab?  Is this an appropriate combination of packages?


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