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Thu Mar 25 15:35:00 GMT 2004


the same problem can be found in RAMFS.


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Subject: JFFS2 lseek (23-Mrz-2004 11:31)
From:    eibach@gdsys.de
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> Hello,
> The The Single UNIX ­ Specification, Version 2 states the following about
> the lseek function:
> "The lseek() function will allow the file offset to be set beyond the end
> of the existing data in the file. If data is later written at this point,
> subsequent reads of data in the gap will return bytes with the value 0
> until data is actually written into the gap."
> The code in jffs2_fo_lseek contains the following:
> // Check that pos is still within current file size, or at the
> // very end.
> if (pos < 0 || pos > node->i_size)
>   return EINVAL;
> So it seems lseek() does not allow to set the offset beyond the current end
> of file. Is that correct or am I getting something wrong?
> Any suggestions how this could be fixed?
> Regards,
> Dirk

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