[ECOS] DP83816

Nick Garnett nickg@ecoscentric.com
Wed Mar 24 16:13:00 GMT 2004

"Giri" <giri@jntu.net> writes:

> Hai Nick,
>     as you suggested for the Kevin i tried creating the new package for
> DP83816. and one .cdl and one .inl for making it support for the
> i386-PC target.
>     Still i am not able to initialize the network properly. i am facing
> the following problem
> 1. after starting the redboot it will go and initialize all the NIC's
> 2. while initializing our NIC it is not finding the base address of the
> NIC so it is returning with no device found.
>        in the code i found the place where it is failing.
>         that is in if_dp83816.c
>             dp83816_init()
>             {
>                     .....
>                     ........
>                     if (!base) return false;  // No device found
>             }
> 4. for other microcontrollers like i82559 this base address is assigned as
> follows
>             cyg_pci_configure_device(&dev_info);
>             p_i82559->io_address = dev_info.base_map[1];
>         here io_address is the base adderss.
> 3. my doubght is how we are managing this problem in the PPC version

The full version of the code in dp83816_init() is:

    base = dp->base;
    if (!base) return false;  // No device found

That macro CYGHWR_NS_DP83816_PLF_INIT() does all the hard work. It is
in the MOAB board ethernet package and is just a call to a function
defined there. There is nothing PowerPC specific about it, so you
can probably just copy it over.

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