[ECOS] DP83816

Giri giri@jntu.net
Wed Mar 24 14:50:00 GMT 2004

Hai Nick,
    as you suggested for the Kevin i tried creating the new package for
DP83816. and one .cdl and one .inl for making it support for the
i386-PC target.
    Still i am not able to initialize the network properly. i am facing
the following problem
1. after starting the redboot it will go and initialize all the NIC's
2. while initializing our NIC it is not finding the base address of the
NIC so it is returning with no device found.
       in the code i found the place where it is failing.
        that is in if_dp83816.c
                    if (!base) return false;  // No device found

4. for other microcontrollers like i82559 this base address is assigned as
            p_i82559->io_address = dev_info.base_map[1];

        here io_address is the base adderss.
3. my doubght is how we are managing this problem in the PPC version

thanks regards

"Kevin S. Martin" <ksmartin@fnal.gov> writes:

> Hey,
> I'm trying to get redboot (and eCos) to run on a x86 PC (Diamond
> System's Hercules EBX). It uses a dp83815 ethernet controller. I see
> that there is some support for the dp83816. But this seems to be for
> use in a different architecture (PPC?).
> What needs to be changes for it to work under i386?
> I can build a redboot.bin using the i386 template redboot package. I
> can boot the system(using a floppy disk) with this binary but of
> course it doesn't find a NIC because the default NIC is a i82559. I
> then remove the default ethernet controller (i82559) packages and add
> the dp83816 package:
> [root@bdeelinux packages]# ecosconfig --config=redboot.ecc check
> Target: pc
> Template: redboot
> Added:
> Removed:
> No conflicts
> After doing this, redboot still doesn't find a NIC. Has anyone else
> used a dp83816 or dp83815 on PC?

You need to create a new package to customize the generic DP83816
driver to the hardware. Take the MOAB package, copy it, rename it, and
adapt it to the PC. Since it is a PCI device, you probably dont need
to do very much. Now add that package to the configuration.

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