[ECOS] Failed to connect Insight(GDB) to serial port

Stanley Zhang(Zhang Shengqi) shengqi.zhang@cirrus.com
Wed Mar 24 10:33:00 GMT 2004


    I tried to use GDB over the serial port as the following steps:  
(1)configure  "eCos HAL->Source-level debugging support->Include GDB stubs in HAL".  
(2) set startup type "romram" ;
(3) insert a call to breakpoint() in my main function;
(4) build the program;
(5) load the binary file into target board;
(6) run insight;
(7) set the baud rate "set remotebaud 115200"
(8) set the target type "target remote /dev/ttyS0"

But i failed to connect to the target. Error information is 
"Error: Couldn't establish connection to remote target Malformed response to offset query timeout"
Anyone can give me some advice to solve this problem?

  Thanks a lot

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