[ECOS] NIC support for x86 PC using dp83815 ethernet controller needed

Kevin S. Martin ksmartin@fnal.gov
Thu Mar 11 21:40:00 GMT 2004


I'm trying to get redboot (and eCos) to run on a x86 PC (Diamond 
System's Hercules EBX). It uses a dp83815 ethernet controller. I see 
that there is some support for the dp83816. But this seems to be for use 
in a different architecture (PPC?).

What needs to be changes for it to work under i386?

I can build a redboot.bin using the i386 template redboot package. I can 
boot the system(using a floppy disk) with this binary but of course it 
doesn't find a NIC because the default NIC is a i82559. I then remove 
the default ethernet controller (i82559) packages and add the dp83816 

[root@bdeelinux packages]# ecosconfig --config=redboot.ecc check
Target: pc
Template: redboot
No conflicts

After doing this, redboot still doesn't find a NIC. Has anyone else used 
a dp83816 or dp83815 on PC?


Kevin S. Martin
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

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