[ECOS] i2c driver

Radu Cernea rc@unusus.com
Thu Mar 11 17:07:00 GMT 2004

>> Hello,
>> I need an I2C driver for a MPC8xx based platform. I couldn't find one
>> implemented in eCos, so, befor starting to write it, I was wandering if
>> anybody did something similar and it can be shared. If not, is there any i2c
>> driver for any platform, that I can use as start point?
> I2C drivers are mostly done ad hoc.  You can look at what I did in the 
> PowerPC/CSB281 (8245) for some ideas.
Thank you for your answer. MPC8xx (I use 860) is different from the i2c point
of view; it is more like the serial driver (it uses buffer descriptors,
parameter area, etc.). I was thinking to create this driver in the
hal/powerpc/quick folder, similar to quick_smc1, but this i2c might be more
particular, so, as you suggested, I will add it in my board specific files.

Thank you again,

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