[ECOS] IXP425 RedBoot reset Ethernet problem

Casey Anderson browncow@xmission.com
Thu Mar 11 16:27:00 GMT 2004


We are developing a product based on the IXDP425 Richfield board from 
Intel. RedBoot has been working just fine for our development activities 
on the IXDP425 board, but we are having some problems with the Ethernets 
on our own board.

First off, we are using RedBoot 1.92 (custom built). It includes the 
Intel code for brining up the built-in Ethernet modules on the IXP425.

We have noticed that if we:

1. power on the board
2. wait for the RedBoot prompt
3. type "reset"
4. then at the RedBoot prompt again we load the kernel and ramdisk

the Ethernets come up in Linux every time. However if we just load Linux 
from a power-up, without doing a reset, the Ethernets won't come up 
(Linux THINKS they are up, but no pings go through). If we ifconfig down 
and ifconfig up the Ethernets a few times, they usually start passing 
traffic, but after about 100 packets the kernel panics.

On the Richfield, the Ethernets come up every time (whether power-cycled 
or software "reset") and we can ping flood the Ethernet interfaces and 
all is well.

I'm not very familiar with the RedBoot code so I'm not sure where to 
start looking to solve this problem, or to figure out what is going on. 
It could be a hardware difference between our boards and the Richfield, 
but the hardware engineer and I have gone over the design with a fine 
tooth comb and can't see anything that would cause this.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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