[ECOS] RedBoot: Loading files from JFFS2 problem

David Vrabel dvrabel@arcom.com
Wed Mar 10 14:09:00 GMT 2004


Loading files from a JFFS2 filesystem from within RedBoot seems a bit 

For example:

RedBoot> mount -t jffs2 -f filesystem
RedBoot> load -r -b 0x600000 %{zimage}
Using default protocol (file)
Raw file loaded 0x00600000-0x00699adb, assumed entry at 0x00600000
RedBoot> load -r -b %{FREEMEMLO} %{zimage}
Using default protocol (file)
** command abort - illegal memory access?
RedBoot> umount
** command abort - illegal memory access?

I guess that the loaded data is trampling over JFFS2's malloc'd data 
structures.  How can this be avoided?

Possibly my HAL incorrectly specfies the size/location of the heap?

I can change heap1 to start at 0x02000000 (instead of directly after 
.bss) but then I can't load anything below that without RedBoot 
complaining about the location not being in RAM.

Would two regions/heaps (?) be the solution?  One as an actual heap and 
one where RedBoot can load images too?

David Vrabel
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