[ECOS] How to load a RedBoot(RAM) through RedBoot(ROM)

yzj yzj@chinadigipro.com
Tue Mar 9 08:37:00 GMT 2004

My target board is SNDS100, i made a RedBoot(starup from ROM), 
and the RedBoot(ROM) is running OK!  
The following is the boot message.

RedBoot(tm) bootstrap and debug environment [ROM]
Non-certified release, version UNKNOWN - built 09:36:00, Mar  9 2004

Platform: Samsung SNDS (ARM 7TDMI) 
Copyright (C) 2000, 2001, 2002, Red Hat, Inc.

RAM: 0x00000000-0x01000000, [0x000059d8-0x01000000] available

the memory layout of my RedBoot(ROM) is bellow:

section                size        addr
.rom_vectors           0x40   0x1800000
.text                0xbdf8   0x1800040
.fini                   0x0   0x180be38
.rodata              0x1a8c   0x180be38
.rodata1                0x0   0x180d8c4
.fixup                  0x0   0x180d8c4
.gcc_except_table       0x0   0x180d8c4
.fixed_vectors        0x140        0x20
.data                 0x474       0x200
.bss                 0x5360       0x674
Total               0x131d8

then i made a RedBoot(RAM), memory layout:

section               size      addr
.fixed_vectors       0x140   0x10200
.rom_vectors          0x40   0x20000
.text               0x8034   0x20040
.fini                  0x0   0x28074
.rodata             0x1a44   0x28074
.rodata1               0x0   0x29ab8
.fixup                 0x0   0x29ab8
.gcc_except_table      0x0   0x29ab8
.data                0x3ec   0x29ab8
.bss                0x33c0   0x29ea4
Total               0xd3a4

and i loaded this RedBoot(RAM) through xModem, it seem OK!

RedBoot> load -m xm
CCCCCCCCCEntry point: 0x00020040, address range: 0x00020000-0x00029ea4
xyzModem - CRC mode, 676(SOH)/0(STX)/0(CAN) packets, 9 retries

but when i type go i get the following

RedBoot> go

it looks like the GDB stub.

i guess this is because of the memory loyout of the RedBoot(RAM)
how can i do??

thank you !

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