[ECOS] Ethernet and httpd

Michael Trozzo trozzo@arcor.de
Mon Mar 8 22:25:00 GMT 2004


I figured out how to set up and run the httpd web server, and all is
well in that regard. However, I'm having trouble trying to get the next
part of this to work. What I want to do is at program start, look for an
Ethernet connection. If there is a connection, then start the httpd
server. If no connection exists, then do something else.  I've been
going through the docs about Ethernet, but I'm not 100% clear as to what
to look for. Also, I can't seem to locate the routine to launch the
server at a time other than startup. I've only been able to have the
server start up right at the initialization. Could someone point me in
the right direction?


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