[ECOS] MPC8275 & Data cache invalidation == strange behaviour.

Vincent Catros Vincent.Catros@elios-informatique.fr
Mon Mar 8 10:49:00 GMT 2004


Using JFFS2 (and so, FLASH driver) on a MPC8275 board (Motorola PQ2FADS)
we have a strange behaviour.

When the FLASH driver wants to write to the FLASH the
HAL_FLASH_CACHES_OFF macro is called which calls, in turn,

It seems that calling HAL_DCACHE_INVALIDATE_ALL corrupt the stack
causing some values on this stack to switch to 0x00000000.

Is it a known behaviour?
Do you have any idea to solve that isssue?


Vincent CATROS
ELIOS Informatique

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