[ECOS] Getting SLIP lwIP to work against Windows

Jani Monoses jani@iv.ro
Mon Mar 8 09:10:00 GMT 2004

> - Creating a SLIP connection under Windows is a bit more difficult :-)
> Here is what I did.

I think that the 'direct cable connection' on windows over which slip
and ppp  can run uses a handshake at the beginning. CLIENT is sent by
the host and CLEINTSERVER is to be received from lwip I think or
the other way around. Quoting a mail by Mark Cullen May/2003 on
 I hope this helps


True slip does not need to do any negotiation but direct cable
connection does.

If you Windows box is initiating the connection it will send the word
CLIENT to the lwip box, it will expect the lwip box to reply with
CLIENTSERVER (no space between them). When it gets that it will connect
and start pumping out slip packets.

If you set a fixed IP address for the connection in the windows box that
should be all you need to do.

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