[ECOS] eCos on ARM7-TDMI Philips ARM210x

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> Hi,
> Have eCos been ported on ARM7-TDMI Philips ARM2106 ?
> What evaluation board and ICE Emulator do you recommend ?
> Philippe Vandermersch
> phil@equator.com

Looks like it is being worked on. I would monitor the lpc2100 group or email


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I now have eCos running on my IAR KickStart card with a LPC2106. RedBoot
also runs, though I wasn't yet able to download a program in RAM and execute
it from RedBoot.

I had to correct some stuff in the bugzilla port to get rid of compiler
errors and warnings and get the thing working.

A few of the things that still need to get done:

- Flash driver for the onboard Flash
- Clarify the PLL configuration code. Right now
  there's nothing "real" about the real-time
- get eCos and an application compiled and working
  in thumb instruction set.
- etc.

How are the other people running eCos on the LPC2000 doing? Maybe we should
start contributing to the bugzilla port at some point, instead of doing our
separate thing.

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