[ECOS] backup strategy for loading Linux kernel in Redboot FI S ?

Winkler Andreas andreas.aw.winkler@siemens.com
Thu Mar 4 06:44:00 GMT 2004

> Are you thinking of the question that Andreas asked before? 
> If so, then this reads like the same question, so Andreas, you may want to

> rephrase your question since it sounds like the same one again!

As I didn't understand the answer of Andrew

>> Enable redboots CRC checking. The boot script will first copy the
>> image from flash to ram and then do a go. In normal cases Linux then
>> completely takes over and redboot is dead. But if the CRC is wrong,
>> the copy fails and the go will also fail. You can then make your boot
>> script copy a second image and then execute it. 

I tried to ask my remaining question in other words. Sorry, this was no good

I don't know how to enable redboots CRC checking, couldn't find it in the
users guide.
And I just tried the command "go 50000" to look whether redboot makes any
check before executing.
It didn't, just ran away.


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