[ECOS] interrupt and scheduling

Jonathan Larmour jifl@eCosCentric.com
Wed Mar 3 19:49:00 GMT 2004

Nick Garnett wrote:
> Martini Stefano <martini@sci.univr.it> writes:
>>Is the RealTimeclock::dsr called immediately after
>>the RealTimeclock::isr or is it scheduled by the
> If the interrupt occurs while the current thread has the scheduler
> locked then the DSR is deferred (hence the name) until the thread
> unlocks the scheduler. If the scheduler is not locked, then the DSR
> will be run immediately as part of the exit from the interrupt.

Although if there are multiple DSRs to be run, you don't know what order 
they will be run in. This could matter if some DSRs take a long time to 
run, like the serial driver one (unfortuately).

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