[ECOS] Redboot disk write support for i386

Narendra Hadke narenh@intotoind.com
Tue Mar 2 07:02:00 GMT 2004

 Thanks to Nick Garnett,Iztok Zupet,Mark Grosberg for their valuable
 comments on  "Redboot on CF for x86 based target". I am able to boot
 redboot on CF for Soekris net4501( Elan AMD SC520 ). I have one
 more question related to this platform.
   I have searched redboot code/web information and got impression
 that  only read  support exists for ext2 files.  What needs to be
 done to provide write support to disk in redboot environment.I 
 want to save network downloaded file to CF disk and use it for
 booting( similar to flash support ). Please let me know efforts
 involved and if patch exists.
Narendra Hadke

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