[ECOS] Synth environment malloc seg faults under Fedora Linux

Dan Jakubiec djakubiec@yahoo.com
Fri Jan 30 16:23:00 GMT 2004

We've been running the eCos synthetic environment under RedHat Linux
9.0 for quite awhile now.  Recently, I installed a new development
system running Fedora Core 1 (the new RedHat; RedHat 10?), rebuilt
everything on the new machine, and the synth environment no longer

When I run the synth environment (with --io) it keeps getting
segmentation faults down in
Cyg_Mempool_dlmalloc_Implementation::try_alloc() at the last call to
set_head().  This function is called in response to init-time malloc()

I'm about to start in on figuring out what the problem is, but I wanted
to check if anyone has run into this yet.  Our code based is mostly
based on the eCos v2.0 release with some miscellaneous patches.

Any ideas?


Dan Jakubiec
Systech Corp

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