[ECOS] Run Tests "Cannot find the file specified"

Kelvin Lawson klawson@ad-holdings.co.uk
Fri Jan 30 12:40:00 GMT 2004

Hi All,

Run Tests in the configtool is giving me a file not found error, and 
unfortunately isn't displaying what file it's looking for. I've created 
a new project based on the default template and built the tests, but 
clicking on Run gives the following error:

Run started
Failed to run "" - The system cannot find the file specified.

Run complete

I'm using Configtool 2.0 on Cygwin with the sh-elf toolchain. I have 
added the cygwin, eCos tools, and sh-elf tools to my path. Does anyone 
know what file/program the configtool is looking for here ?


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