[ECOS] mutexes

Ronald Tubben r.tubben@mauell.nl
Thu Jan 29 10:02:00 GMT 2004

Im an eCos newbie.
Im am developing for an V850 platform but now using the linux synthetic 
I've got a problem with mutexes but I can't find the origin of my problem.
My prog looks like this:
Ive got a class which contains a cyg_uint8 MyFirstVar and a cyg_mutex_t 
One instance of that class is used in two other classes which reads and 
writes MyFirstVar. This is done by a read function and a write function. 
Theirefore I introduced the MyFirstMutexVar to prevent the two classes 
from reading and or writing the MyFirstVar at the same time.
The problem is that I needed to declare a dummy mutexvariable to let the 
program run.
It goes wrong when the mutex is locked and have to be unlocked. When I 
introduce the dummy mutex variable is works fine. When I made more 
functions inside the variable class where I use cyg_mutex_lock an unlock 
I have to declare more dummies!

I can make a code sample if you like but I don't now its gonna help.
Perhaps someone can tell me it is my fault,  an eCos feature or 
something else (synthetic target?).

Ronald Tubben

Mauell BV

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