[ECOS] Support for Motorola MCF5282

Alex Schuilenburg alexs@ecoscentric.com
Mon Jan 26 14:13:00 GMT 2004

Peter Graf wrote:

> Alex Schuilenburg wrote:
>> Michael Christmann wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> I would like to use eCos with a Motorola MCF5282.
>>> Is there someone who has experience with the MCF5282 (or MCF5272) and 
>>> eCos?
>>> (When I read 
>>> http://sources.redhat.com/ml/ecos-discuss/2003-08/msg00286.html it 
>>> sounds like there is only a commercial version which is usable - is 
>>> this true?)
>> Yes, this is true.
> Just out of curiosity, not as criticism: How does that correspond to the 
> license? I presume CPU support is part of eCos itself, so everyone could 
> ask for the sources for no more than the copying charge. Or are these 
> ports directly from the eCos copyright holders, using a second license 
> for eCosPro? If so, what is the eCosPro license?

eCosPro is made up of a number of different components that are released 
under different licenses:
   * eCos 2.0 license (GPL+exception)
   * Modified BSD license
   * eCosPro license
   * Eclipse license

This means that if you are a recipient of a binary using eCos or 
eCosPro, you are entitled to ask for the eCos sources that are licensed 
under the eCos 2.0 license only.  In practice this means the eCos kernel 
and components as well as any platform or processor HAL components that 
were derived from other components which were released under the eCos 
2.0 license.

For the other portions of eCosPro (i.e. the sources which are licensed 
under a modified BSD license or the eCosPro license) there are no 
requirements to provide the source code of these components to 
recipients of any binaries.  This will include clean-room eCos HALs and 
device drivers as well as other proprietary *additions* (e.g. custom 
device drivers such as SPI and MMC device drivers, code coverage 
analysis support, Eclipse/CDT plug-ins, etc).

For the eCosPro sources which fall under the eCos 2.0 license, these are 
made available on a per request basis by eCosCentric.

The eCosPro license simply allows you to distribute eCosPro binaries 
without license fees or royalties but prohibits you from distributing 
the eCosPro-licensed sources outside your organisation (without prior 
written consent from eCosCentric).  When you purchase eCosPro, the 
eCosPro license is obviously included.

-- Alex

>>   eCosPro is available for both the MCF5272 and MCF5282 and were both 
>> done from scratch. The contributed MCF5272 port in anoncvs is very 
>> broken (with no 5282 support either).
> All the best
> Peter

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