[ECOS] Problem accessing the AT91MEC01 memory extension card on the AT91EB40 board

Lawrence Mboweni lmboweni@csir.co.za
Fri Jan 23 14:06:00 GMT 2004

I'm trying to access (using Redboot) the ROM at 0X03000000 which is on
the extention card(AT91MEC01) but I can't.
Actually I simply can't access the extention card at all. I however can
access the ROM (onboard).
Somehow I feel I need to modify the Redboot code but I don't know how.
Simply put, how do I go about acessing the extension card?
More info, memory map is: 
0x0100 0000 - 0x0101 0000 FLASH onboard
0x0200 0000 - 0x0208 0000 RAM onboard
0x0300 0000 - 0x0320 0000 FLASH on extention card ( This is where I
wanna put uClinux)
0x0400 0000 - 0x0400 0000 FLASH on extention card 
0x0500 0000 - 0x0520 0000 RAM on extention card 

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