[ECOS] Re: eCos Configuration Tool for Windows

John Dallaway jld@ecoscentric.com
Fri Jan 23 08:22:00 GMT 2004

Hi Peter

Peter Graf wrote:

> Andrew Lunn wrote:
>>> is there a way to get the latest GUI version for Windows as 
>>> precompiled binary (not the commandline tool)?
>> Try having a look on ftp.ecoscentric.com.
> Thanks. Unfortunately the version there (configtool-030328.exe.bz2) is 
> older than the one shipping with the 2.0 release.
> I tried ecos-trunk-full.tar.bz2 as well, but no precompiled binary. More 
> ideas?

The eCos Configuration Tool shipped with the eCos 2.0 release is still 
current. It seems that the presence of the old snapshot on 
ftp.ecoscentric.com has the potential to cause confusion so I will 
remove it.

John Dallaway
eCosCentric Limited

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