[ECOS] Memory leak in ecosynth in abnormal situation.

John Carter john.carter@tait.co.nz
Thu Jan 22 03:03:00 GMT 2004

On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, Bart Veer wrote:

> >>>>> "John" == John Carter <john.carter@tait.co.nz> writes:
>     John> We have found a strong memory leak in ecosynth that occurs
>     John> in an abnormal situation.
> Obviously this should not be happening. In ecosynth.tcl, when an EOF
> has been detected it calls:
>     fileevent $synth::_channel_from_app readable ""
> which should disconnect the channel from the event loop and hence from
> select().

OK, solved it.

The device code one of our guys had written didn't check for eof on
a channel in a read event handler. All that was required to fix it
was to check for EOF and close it.

I don't believe the problem has anything to do with eCos or eCos
examples or documentation.

Sorry and Thank you,

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