[ECOS] Memory leak in ecosynth in abnormal situation.

John Carter john.carter@tait.co.nz
Wed Jan 21 02:02:00 GMT 2004

We have found a strong memory leak in ecosynth that occurs in an abnormal

If we run our application on the synthetic target with --io, ecosynth
starts up and behaves itself.

If we kill our application ecosynth doesn't exit.

When we rerun our application so there are now two copies of ecosynth
running simultaneously, ecosynth starts leaking memory at a ferocious

The obvious workaround is "Don't Do That", but it would be nice if
ecosynth was a bit more robust and could handle the situation gracefully.

Using gdb I can see the leak is somewhere in the .tcl part of ecosynth,
and probably not in the .c part. (A gdb stack trace it shows it running
the tcl interpreter.)

strace'ing it shows that it is repeatedly doing

Thank you,

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