[ECOS] ECOS-Port for the Philipps LPC-2106 ?

Thomas Schrein thomas@schrein.com
Mon Jan 12 13:46:00 GMT 2004

Dear Ashwin,
Hi list,

I am new at the list and I am interested working with ecos on the LPC2106.

Can you give me some info about your port of ecos to the LPC2106 ?
What is the footprint ?
Where can I get the port ?
Did you ever compared ecos with rtems, especially regarding the LPC2106 ?

I had been working for 10 years in the sales management and coming now back to the
uC technics to continue my former job as desiger of uC Hw and SW. So I am
interessed in small footprint RTOS working in small but flexible HW.

My first project is a billing system for small aircrafts. The onboard unit has to
be small and cheap but should have also the opportunity to be expanded in the future.

ThanX in advance

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