[ECOS] Will gcc3.3 will work with eCos?.

radhakrishnan R radhaamanji@yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jan 9 06:02:00 GMT 2004

Iam presently trying to use the gcc3.3 with eCos.

Have any one have tried to use gcc3.3 with the latest

I have also read in the mailing list, that
"-finit-priority" is not available in gcc3.3. I hope
this will result global constructor calling sequence
to go wrong.

Is there any workaround for this?.
What is the recommented gnu tools to work for
eCos1.3.1/eCos2.0 ?.

After building eCos program i.e any sample with
gcc3.3, i have observed the following behaviour in the
eCos startup program.

 i) There is a call to cyg_hal_invoke_constructors
from Vectors.S.
 ii) This is the Global constructors call. The first
constructor function called is Cyg_StdioStream()
available in stdout.cxx.
  iii) This function fails(i.e Trying to find a file
in mountable, not available...), hence the eCos halts
on file error.
  Is this constructor "Cyg_StdioStream()" is a
expected one?.

   It looks like constructors function call in eCos is
getting changed with new tools. The reason for this is
due to removal of compiler flag "-finit-priority",
which is responsible for ordering the constructor

Radhakrishnan R

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