[ECOS] Re: Memory pools?

Savin Zlobec savin@elatec.si
Thu Jan 8 12:20:00 GMT 2004

John Newlin wrote:

> Is there a memory pool sub-allocator in ECOS?
> Here's the deal, my chip has two memories in disjoint address space. A 
> large memory, and a small but low latency memory. Question is how to 
> present that to the programmer. In other OS's there were ways to alloc 
> a big chunk of memory and then sub allocate within that block to 
> prevent memory fragmentation. Is there a similiar mechanism in ecos, 
> and I could just fake it out with the addresses of my small memory?

There is support for fixed and variable memory pools, but  it seems that 
the documentation got lost in 2.0 and latest ecos docs.
You can find it in 1.3 docs - 


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