[ECOS] RedBoot crash after do_go()

David POUTY david.pouty@com2gether.net
Wed Jan 7 17:32:00 GMT 2004


I try to execute a simple application from RedBoot (MPC8xx plateform).
When application is finished RedBoot display exit code, then crash
(enter in GDB mode).
It seems that the stack is corrupted BEFORE the application is executed.

During function hal_thread_load_context(), the macro 'hal_cpu_int_merge'
is called to merge MSR register value with the thread context previously
initialized (HAL_THREAD_INT_CONTEXT). The thread MSR value contains
MSR_EE (to external enable irqs).

The stack is corrupted when MSR_EE bit is set to MSR in
'hal_cpu_int_merge' !!
I use GDB with BDI probe. There's no interrupt pending (SIPEND=0).

Any help, or idea is welcome.

Thank you,


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